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Application Final Action Dates September 2017

State Department released the September 2017 Visa Bulletin that shows the visa bulletin cutoff dates for green card applicants from retrogressed countries. This chart indicates the cut off date for final actions on pending I-485 applications.

Shown below are the visa bulletin cutoff dates for the last 12 months from today. To keep track of activity around your priority date, subscribe to the Green Card Dashboard.
Category Cutoff Date
(September 2017 Visa Bulletin)
Cutoff Date
(Previous Bulletin)
EB2 China15 May 2013 22 April 2013 
EB2 India22 August 2008 22 July 2008 
EB3 China01 January 2012 01 January 2012 
EB3 India15 October 2006 15 July 2006 
EB3 MexicoCurrent  
EB3 Philippines01 November 2015 01 June 2015 
EB3 ROWCurrent  
Employment-Based Visa Bulletin Cutoff Dates for Last 12 Months

 Posted by bkrishnan on 09 Aug 2017
The latest bulletin is also updated here for all countries. Please use the menu to change countries:
 Posted by ralluri1 on 03 Sep 2017
my labor filing date is Jan 2007.When can I expect my green card
 Posted by oracle73 on 11 Sep 2017
what category you are in?
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