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Discuss US Citizenship case

US Citizenship case:   (Report this case)
User: sbpfaelzer Nationality: Germany
Service Center:PhoenixApplication Filed:11 Jul 2017
Priority Date:13 Jul 2017Check Cashed:14 Jul 2017
NOA Received (I-797C):17 Jul 2017USCIS Received Date:13 Jul 2017
Fingerprint Notice Received:08 Aug 2017Fingerprints Done:09 Aug 2017
Interview Letter Received:04 Dec 2017Interview Date:08 Jan 2018
Oath Letter Received:08 Jan 2018Oath Date:08 Jan 2018
USCIS District Office:Portland, ORU.S. Passport Applied Date:11 Jan 2018
U.S. Passport Received:26 Jan 2018Total Processing Time:181 days
Days Elapsed:284 days
Case Added to Tracker: 11 Jul 2017 Last Updated: 26 Jan 2018
Notes: Missed my original biometrics appointment because I got the letter at night on the day of the appointment (USPS hold mail screw-up), so I went the next day - no problem. Same-day oath in Portland!
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 Posted by ke7340 on 15 Jan 2018
Hi. How did your interview in Portland went? I have interview there next month.
 Posted by sbpfaelzer on 15 Jan 2018
It was super easy. Everybody was real nice and friendly, really pleasant. You even can take pictures/film during the oath ceremony.
 Posted by ke7340 on 15 Jan 2018
Great! Thank you. In that case I have a lot of questions for you. Would it be possible to chat on a private email?
 Posted by sbpfaelzer on 16 Jan 2018
Feel free to fire away here, so others can benefit as well.
 Posted by ke7340 on 26 Jan 2018
Congrats on your passport. Do they always have same day ceremony? Also I see you applied for passport couple days later, do you need to send your original naturalization certificate?
 Posted by sbpfaelzer on 26 Jan 2018
I don't know whether they have same-day oath every day of the week. In general, you can only get same-day oath if you have your interview in the morning. Otherwise you get a later oath date. When I took my oath, the wait time was about 2 months (there were people with interviews in November at my January oath). And yes, you need to send your original certificate with the passport application.
 Posted by ke7340 on 28 Jan 2018
Oh wow. That 2 months is long. I have interview 10 am so hopefully it is same day. How soon do I need to change status with SSN? If I don't have certificate for couple weeks, I guess I have to wait or should I go SSN office first?
 Posted by sbpfaelzer on 29 Jan 2018
With 10 am you should get a same-day offer if you get approved right away. You will get your certificate during the oath, so you have it the same day you become a citizen.
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