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Discuss I-140 case

I-140 case:   (Report this case)
User: tekoshar Nationality: Iran
Applicant Type:primaryService Center:Nebraska
Category:EB2-NIWPriority Date:01 Nov 2016
Application Filed:01 Nov 2016USCIS Received Date:02 Nov 2016
USCIS Notice Date:USCIS Receipt Number:
I-140/485 Filing:non-concurrentProcessing Type:regular
RFE Received?:yesRFE Received Date:25 Sep 2017
Reason for RFE:Typical Dahanasar RFE. Provided 3 more letters and employment letterRFE Replied Date:
Application Status:deniedApproval/Denial Date:10 Jan 2018
Total Processing Time:435 daysMost Recent LUD:
Days Elapsed:
Case Added to Tracker: 20 Sep 2017 Last Updated: 28 Mar 2018
Notes: My current credentials: 7 papers. 91 citations 10 reviews 9 ref letters (2 dependent) Extensive news coverage of Nature paper (NYTimes, W post) EE Master PhD US Full-time R&D job O1 Approval in 7 days

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 Posted by Geo2015 on 26 Sep 2017
Hi, could you please share the RFE with us?
 Posted by tekoshar on 26 Sep 2017
I just got the notification. I don't what it is, but yeah sure once I get the letter.
 Posted by ahsaz on 03 Oct 2017
Hello, Can you please post the details of your RFE?

Also, what is the officer number who issued your RFE? you can find it at the bottom of the RFE letter.
 Posted by tekoshar on 03 Oct 2017
Please read couple last pages in this thread, I posted the details there:
 Posted by ahsaz on 03 Oct 2017
Thanks for the response. What is the officer number? I could not find it in your posts.
 Posted by tekoshar on 03 Oct 2017
ex 00 11

you know this one?
 Posted by ahsaz on 03 Oct 2017
No. I got a different officer.
 Posted by spicole on 04 Jan 2018
Hi, do you have any updates on your I-140?
 Posted by gattaca on 12 Jan 2018

I have just read about your unfortunate situation. I was wondering if Chen takes your case to the court or that's the end?
 Posted by tekoshar on 12 Jan 2018

Everybody's shocked by my denial. Victoria Chen called me herself and said, she had never had a client with my qualifications to get a denial.
We haven't still received the letter to see the reason. I might refile concurrently with them, and at the same time apply for O-1.
 Posted by gattaca on 12 Jan 2018
I hope everything gets okay. Keep us posted, we are all in the same boat and nobody deserves to get unboarded.
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