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U.S. Immigration Forums (Employment-Based)

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I-140 Forum
Subject Posted
Immigration Reform is coming soon 49 min ago
Contact your representation for imm... 51 min ago
RFE After after RFE (2nd RFE) in EB... 1 hr ago
Instate tuition for H4 dependent 1 hr ago
regular or premium 2 hrs ago
I-140 Regular processing time - Tex... 3 hrs ago
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
Potential bi-partisan immigration d... 4 hrs ago
H.R.4740 Securing America’s Futur... 4 hrs ago
Shocking IV response to EB1C 4 hrs ago
Online Teachers Wanted 4 hrs ago
Travel abroad after applying H4 EA... 5 hrs ago
EB2-NIW Nebraska (any receipt date) 6 hrs ago
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I-485 Forum
Subject Posted
EB1A/B February 2016 NSC Applicants 26 min ago
i485 EB1 C : California Service Cen... 27 min ago
August 2017 I-485 filers 1 hr ago
October I-485 Filers (2017) 1 hr ago
Eb2 India 2009 January-December. 1 hr ago
January 2018 I-485 Filers 1 hr ago
Ad Research before Buying Visitors Insuranc...
EB1C - Nebraska Service Center 2 hrs ago
Newark, NJ Field Office Interview S... 2 hrs ago
F-1 student after filing I-485 adju... 2 hrs ago
EB3 I 2007mar,due to insufficient k... 3 hrs ago
Priority Date Current but no status... 3 hrs ago
EB3 I 2006 PDs Please gather here. 4 hrs ago
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I-765 (EAD) Forum
Subject Posted
Now or never. Let us roll 48 min ago
H4EAD Question 2 hrs ago
Active AP Doc-EAD/AP Renewal pendin... 4 hrs ago
Oct 17 - I765 filers Approval Trend 6 hrs ago
I765 - November - Application Statu... 7 hrs ago
Travel out of country while H4 EAD ... 8 hrs ago
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
August 2017 EAD Filer : Independent... 8 hrs ago
EAD being Produced, H4 & H1 not app... 9 hrs ago
June Filers EAD 10 hrs ago
Apply for H4 EAD now? 10 hrs ago
New EAD filed after the renewal was... 1 day ago
L2 EAD 1 day ago
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I-131 (Advance Parole) Forum
Subject Posted
I-131 Approval Notice not received 2 hrs ago
Can I travel on AP if it is going t... 3 hrs ago
just got one copy of I512L 12 hrs ago
Minor Kid i131 AP is approved to T... 1 day ago
Traveling while EAD/AP renewal pend... 1 day ago
Traveling on EAD/AP, No H1B. Any is... 1 day ago
Ad Step By Step Guide to H1B Visa
Advance parole processing timelines... 1 day ago
H1 versus AP to re-enter US 1 day ago
Dependent has to be in US for EAD/A... 19 Jan
Going to India on H1b with DUI 17 Jan
I-131 fee. 15 Jan
travel to India with I-131 and appr... 13 Jan
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Atlanta PERM Forum
Subject Posted
Infosys GC 2017 42 min ago
August 2017 PERM cases 2 hrs ago
Today's Stats from DOL 3 hrs ago
Prevailing Wage Processing Time 13 hrs ago
May 2017 Perm Audits 15 hrs ago
Time Frame to receive PERM Hard Cop... 1 day ago
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
PERM application for CTS (Cognizant... 1 day ago
Approved PERM Hard Copy Receipt Tra... 1 day ago
BALCA - Approved Appeals 1 day ago
Infy GC 2018 1 day ago
Middle name misspelled in PERM 1 day ago
August 2017 PERM cases 1 day ago
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H-1B Forum
Subject Posted
Contact senator and congressman 50 min ago
I-140 if Company Closed 1 hr ago
Timeline for passport receipt for d... 2 hrs ago
Premium processing receipt delay 4 hrs ago
Delay in Approval Notice 4 hrs ago
H1B extensions at CSC 4 hrs ago
Ad Research before Buying Visitors Insuranc...
H1B transfer denied and out of stat... 4 hrs ago
I-539 : Processing time for H4 to F... 6 hrs ago
Visa stamping (dropbox) Valid H1 ti... 7 hrs ago
H1B Speciality Occupation RFE Vermo... 9 hrs ago
Incorrect Passport Number on I-129 13 hrs ago
Driver license renewal refused at D... 14 hrs ago
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Immigration News and Updates
Federal Court Decision Confirms H-1B...
15 Apr 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Impact of US Government Shutdown on Visa...
8 Apr 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Update on EB-2 Visa Availability: EB-2 India...
30 March 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Possible Impact of Government Shutdown...
18 Mar 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
DOS Releases New Guidance on L Visas...
3 Mar 2011 by Andrew Wilson
Answers from Immigration Lawyers
Dimitar-Michailov H4 ead renewal processing time
23 Jan by Dimitar Michailov
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Derivative i485 receipt has incorrect pr
21 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Is it better to travel on my h1b visa or
15 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Andrew-Wilson Adding spouse as dependent with primary
15 Jan by Andrew M. Wilson
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Moving green card application category f
09 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
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