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Hello, I'm sandramack2013 (report this user)
I am from Australia
I last logged in on 28 Oct 2013
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Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 28 Oct 2013
Topic: PERM application for CTS (Cognizant) employees


I got the same mail yesterday night.

I am also in the same boat. My max out date is 1-Jun-13 and PERM was filed in Jan-13 cycle. Since my client was ok for me to work from Canada and I initiated the process in 1st week of Aril. I was informed by Canada immigration team that it'll take 10-12 weeks to get the Cananda work permit and the origninal passpost should also be submitted to do the same. Since I had only 8 weeks left, I did not go thru that option and also decided to go to India.

I am a US hire guy(M level) and It'll be a complete relocation(air tickets and other moving stuff will be paid by CTS) to India as per the discusstion I had with HR. My pay will be changed to INR(not equivalent to USD that I am getting here). I hope my PERM will come to review in May as per the current processing speed going with DOL and If I get audit (most likely the way it is going with CTS currently), Canada WP will be initiated from India which will take 6-8 weeks to get it.

But when I come back(to US if I dont get audit, to Canada if I get audit), My pay will be same USD(or equi Canada currency) that I am currenlty getting. Please make sure you set that expectation with HR(with written email) on this regard if you are an US hire.

Only advantage that I have here is my client is ok for me to work from India(night shifts) or in Canada. I hope thats why
HR has given this option. We can not be paid in USD while in India if we are already max out. Its against the policy.
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