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Member Profile: h1transindia (1 post)

Hello, I'm h1transindia (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 10 Jan 2018
I have been a member since 10 Jan 2018
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I added my last post on 12 Jan 2018
h1transindia's Posts
Posted in H-1B Forum on 12 Jan 2018
Topic: H1 transfer/extn from India with expired visa

My current situation

Have 140 approved with more than 180 days. My company will withdraw 140 if I leave the company/got terminated
Visa will expire June 2018
Crossed 6 years

I need to go to india and stay there few years due to personal reasons. I try to see possible come back. I understand that same topic been discussed in different forums in different time lime. But i want to understand based on current policies/rules Also I understand that current uncertainty on h1 rules, US Govt , executive orders and etc.


1) I understand that I can come back through my current employer once I am ready to come back based on project availability and their willingness . I will file extension , get stamped and come back.

2) If current company is not ready to send me back because of internal policy and etc , can I transfer to new company ( no valid visa by that time) using 140 approval from india ? I read somewhere that it can be done by CP. It may take more time than normal process. But h1 extension with transfer would have done before 140 revoked . So I can resign the job only after approval. Is that correct understanding?

3) Assume that I could not find employer to transfer from India , I am not happy with current employer in india, I changed to new company. They don’t have any onsite projects that time and they promise to send when they have project. My 140 withdrawn as I left. Now what is the option to come back? Can New employer use still old 140 to transfer OR new visa needed when they have onsite opportunity . Can I use old 140 to keep Priority date?
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