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Member Profile: PERMTrackCTS (3 posts)

Hello, I'm PERMTrackCTS (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 04 Jul 2013
I have been a member since 13 Sep 2012
I have added 3 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 22 Oct 2012
PERMTrackCTS's Immigration Cases
PERM case: Pending for 2092 days (1858 days more than average)   (3 comments)
User: PERMTrackCTS Nationality: India
Priority Date:30 Jun 2012Category:EB3
Audit Received?:yesAudit Received Date:31 Aug 2012
Reason for Audit:Standerd audit. Audit Replied Date:01 Oct 2012
Application Status:pendingApproval/Denial Date:
Total Processing Time:Days Elapsed:2092 days
Case Added to Tracker: 13 Sep 2012 Last Updated: 02 May 2013
Notes: Sent the Filled ETA 9089 page 8,Associate affidavit document signed and notarized. cognizant doesnot care individual. The team just blindly do every quarter. It is just another additional delay adding by Cognizant immigration team. not lucky, go back to i
PERMTrackCTS's Posts
Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 22 Oct 2012
Topic: PERM application for CTS (Cognizant) employees

Yes. you should get even if it is there one month. you have more than that. I think you better take vacation for a month or so. eventhough your manager or some one say not possible. say 3 weeks and then extend one or 2 weeks. it is ok to consume all the leaves and even for couple of weeks no salary rather loosing the status. once after u come back it will be 3 months +. so it will be more easy to get extension. in the mean while if ur perm and i -140 approved it will be easy to get next 3 years.
good luck.
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Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 22 Oct 2012
Topic: PERM application for CTS (Cognizant) employees

I got response from one cognizant person with options... hope this helps... when she was in USA, I heard she helped to somany....

In order for the associate to be eligible for continued extensions of H-1B status post the 6 year max-out limit, you need to meet one of the conditions stated below.

1) PERM is approved/certified + I-140 approved* → you eligible for 3 year extensions beyond maximum six year H-1B period of authorized stay

*If the PERM has been certified, but the I-140 has not yet been filed or approved by USCIS, prior to initiating H-1B extension, you must have the GIT I-140 team either file or convert the present I-140 filing to premium processing so that there is an underlying basis for your H-1B extension of stay.


2) PERM filed 365 days prior to your H-1B max-out date*, and is presently pending at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) → you are eligible H-1B extensions in increments of 1 year beyond the six year H-1B maximum period of authorized stay while the PERM application is pending at DOL

*When calculating your H-1B max-out date, you must include all days that you have been physically outside of the U.S., and re-apply that time to the maximum six year limit (example: if you spent 10 days outside the U.S. over a 365 day period, then you only used up 345 days of toward your H-1B maximum period of stay, you would add the 10 days back to your period of H-1B eligibility)

3) PERM not pending for 365 days + you do not have any additional time spent outside the U.S. to be reapplied/recaptured toward your H-1B six year maximum period of stay → H-1B extension not possible, you will have to depart the U.S. prior to your Form I-94 expiration

a. If you remain offshore (physically outside the U.S.) for 365 days→ H-1B may be filed with USCIS (subject to the H-1B cap).
i. Once the H-1B is approved, you may proceed with H-1B visa processing at a U.S. Consulate. You begin a new six (6) year H-1B period of stay once admitted to the U.S.

b. If the PERM is certified + I-140 approved while you are offshore (physically outside the U.S.) → H-1B may be filed with USCIS ( not subject to the H-1B cap).
i. Once the H-1B is approved, you may proceed with H-1B visa processing at a U.S. Consulate, and re-enter the U.S. You will be eligible for extension of H-1B status in increments of three (3) years beyond your original H-1B maximum six year period of stay.

As an option for moving out of the US, you can seek transfer to Cognizant Canada, Cognizant UK or any other Cognizant locations worldwide. Please obtain your managers approval and make necessary arrangements in advance. This would be preventive measure that you should undertake if the PERM is not approved in time for us to process the H-1B extension.

I am sharing as I felt it will be helpful for some one atleast....
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Posted in Atlanta PERM Forum on 22 Oct 2012
Topic: PERM application for CTS (Cognizant) employees

Cognizant does not care for any individual cases. They just do whatever is ready for each quarter. If you are lucky you will get. Else they don't care or worry about people to send back to India. H1B extension team keep sends alerts to apply for extension and they don’t know whether you are qualified or not and no communication to them with GC team. People who used to help or respond in got moved out from USA, I heard recently so now no one respond to your questions and they don't care. If you ask your managers they just worry to keep you to get billing on you to reach their quarterly targets. Someone should raise this as along with USA govt delay Cognizant adds its own delay. They thing they are another government, would have transferred to small consultancy where everybody responds including lawyer.
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